Our Story


Why Choose Us?


At Grant Coutts Antennas, we’re proud of the antenna and satellite equipment we supply and install. Our products and installation services bring high quality images to televisions throughout Australia.

To complement our quality products we have dedicated technicians who are available from 8.30am to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and oncall weekends.

We are always happy to take your call. If you need help with a DIY project or any of our products please call us on 0403 836798 as we are ready to assist you at the earliest opportunity.


Grant Coutts Antennas was established in 2005. Starting from humble beginnings we have quickly grown into a thriving business.

The secret of our success is that we believe that the customers experience when dealing with our company is just as important as the result we always deliver - a perfect picture everytime.

We are proud to service the Latrobe Valley and surrounding areas as well as customers all around Australia that choose to buy our quality products through our online store.


Outstanding Value
We are often half the price of our local competitors.
Free antenna quotes
Unlike the competition, we do not charge a fee for antenna quotes.
Genuine HUGE savings on parts & labour $$$
Don't pay more than you need to.
Unconditional Service Guarantee
A perfect picture or pay nothing - that's our guarantee!
Not a franchise - deal direct
Why pay margins on top of margins? We keep our overheads low and pass the savings on to you.